Products and Services

Co2 and Dry ice

We provide CO2 in tanks, micro bulk and cylinders based on customer requirement, in various grades all the way up to very high purity CO2 confirming to global food and pharmacopeia standards.

Our food grade and high density Dry Ice is available in block, slices, nuggets and 3mm pellets from our various locations all over the country. We ship as low as 30 kgs all the way up to 30 tons of Dry Ice per consignment to clients anywhere in the country. more...

Co2 equipment

We also sell all CO2 related equipment, like recovery plants, purification plants, tanks, Dry ice presses and a host of other equipment, more information on which is available at . Our equipment is custom made for this part of the world and provides much better value than equipment sourced from Europe or the Americas. more...

Mosquito control

Bitting insects are primarily attracted to animals because of the CO2 content in respiration. Mosquitoes now are a hazard as well as a nuisance and we provide a very effective trapping service using CO2 as an attractant to mosquitoes. Please go to for more information.


Dry ice blasting is fast becoming the preferred cleaning solution for a host of different industries because of its many benefits, primarily substantially reducing machine downtime because of its ability to clean insitu in hot, cold or sensitive areas. More at


We offer our clients a telemetry based Storage Tank monitoring system, which monitors tank level and facilitates auto reordering ensuring comfortable stocking by clients. Equally important, it also assists our client’s Safety Manager by monitoring statutory requirements as well as tank safety parameters, by sending automatic reminders by sms and email based on user defined parameters.