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Foundry Work

Process of making a metal casting of an object
By pouring molten metal into a mould.
Mould is made using a pattern of the article required

Two Types of Foundries

1. Ferrous foundry \96 to produce Iron & Steel Castings
2. Non-Ferrous \96 to produce Copper based alloys (brass, bronze & copper)
to produce Aluminium Based Alloys (lead, zinc, nickle, magnesium)
to produce other Alloys

Foundry Process Map

1. Sand Mixing Once sand (refractory), clay (bentonite) and water are mixed to a desired consistancy, the sand must be mulled. Spread sand on a clean hard floor to a depth of about 6". Stomp down hard on the sand until it is all packed tight.

2. Pattern & Moulding Section Keep the required pattern \96 items to be moulded \96 inside the box. The mixed sand (core material \96 silica sand and sand binders) is filled in the frame over the patterns. The filled-in sand is ramming hardly on the pattern. This is called core. Cores are moulded sand shapes placed inside moulds to define a cavity inside the final casting. In general, cores must be strong to withstand molten metal and at the same time, should become loose to breakdown into sand after pouring & cooling.

3. Moulding Process \96 Adding Co2 Moulding is a process of mixing sand and binders to give the necessary strength to the core. Sand binders are liquid resins / catalysts and its selection is based on their curing (hardening) time of the sand mixture. \93Cold-box\94 systems require gassing or curing at room temperature. Core is cured using a vaporised (gas) catalyst \96 the most preferred one is Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

\95 In short, Co2 is referred to as silicate binder in core making
Development of Co2 mould laid the foundation for future success of foundry industry. Co2 sodium silicate facing sand with green sand backing became the standard technique employed on all moulds.

4. Pouring & Cooling
Liquid metal is poured into the core

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