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Usage of Carbon Di-oxide in Carbonated Beverages

Carbon di-oxide (Co2) is a fundamental ingredient of all carbonated beverages, beer, soft drinks and mineral waters. Co2 offers additional benefits like increased product stability, flavour enhancement, boosted texture impression and freshness visual communication.

To start with, forming a sugar and water syrup and making extracts made up of fruit juice, aromatic substances is taken up. These are thoroughly mixed into a soft drink concentrate to give a syrup mixture. The water is de-aerated to avoid oxidation reactions that can destroy the aromatic substances. For carbonated drinks, carbon dioxide is dissolved into the water at low temperatures under high pressures and a carbonation machine is used to add carbon dioxide.

The syrup and carbonated water are then mixed in the correct proportions according to their formulation prior to bottling, storage and then transportation of the finished soft drink product to the consumer.

The presence of carbon dioxide prevents mould growth and the high levels of acidity and carbonation help to inhibit the growth of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria.

This beverages industry is a growing one in India. SICGIL is proud to be associated with the major aerated beverage manufacturers. In order to supply Co2 to the beverage manufacturers, SICGIL get its Co2 analysed at Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, New Jersey, USA. SICGIL produces Co2 that conforms to the International Standard for Beverages Technologies (ISBT) standards.

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